This tumblelog is dedicated to anything and everything related to Green Day's American Idiot, the Broadway musical, which is currently touring North America and across the globe.

  1. my 1st #tbt MichaelMayerDIR alexnee42 my 1st #tbt MichaelMayerDIR alexnee42
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    my 1st #tbt MichaelMayerDIR alexnee42


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  3. Workshop of Carmel Dean's A Girl Called Vincent to Feature Gerard Canonico, Van Hughes and More -

    Alumni news! Check it out!

  4. It says home is where your heart is
    But what a shame
    ‘Cause everyone’s heart
    Doesn’t beat the same

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  5. Two years ago today… 

    Final two shows on Broadway today: on behalf of everyone at American Idiot, we want to say thank you to our amazing, dedicated and kick-ass fans; you continue to astound us with your awesomeness!

  6. Alumni news! Leslie McDonel and Van Hughes will be part of The Pop Show, Celebrating Elton John at Birdland Jazz Club on May 27th at 7 PM!

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B day babies

B day babies
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    B day babies

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