This tumblelog is dedicated to anything and everything related to Green Day's American Idiot, the Broadway musical, which is currently touring North America and across the globe.

Don’t tell Tunny

    Don’t tell Tunny


  2. Nicci Claspell Profile from AMDA on Vimeo.

    AMDA alumna Nicci Claspell shares her high flying adventures starring as Extraordinary Girl in the national tour of Green Day’s American Idiot.

  3. fuckyeahscottjcampbell:

    We presented the Broadway hit American Idiot last season at our Paramount Theatre, and in this preview, we follow lead actor Van Hughes and chat with the Stage Manager about the ins and outs of the show.

    Video also briefly features Scott and Nicci in rehearsals for Extraordinary Girl!

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  5. Vince Oddo "Favorite Son" from Vince Oddo on Vimeo.

    Favorite Son | Vince Oddo

    High-def footage of Vince as Favorite Son!

    (Source: ramsweeneys)

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